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AE Creative guide has been conceived to meet the photographers’ need to guide their clients, step by step,  through the creation of a tailored album aiming for the highest quality. The Creative Guide is a tool that will help you guide the couple through the choice of their wedding album by offering them a unique experience that will show your professionalism.


Our Range of Wedding Albums is very wide and the materials used include: Leather, Eco-leather, Fabrics, Multilayered materials and Plexiglas. On each page of the Creative Guide you will find swatches of every single material our covers are made of, which gives you the opportunity to see and touch a preview of our Albums.


Every Album Epoca product can be customized into details by choosing each component and personalized options. All the available customizations for our albums are clearly and effectively presented within the Creative Guide through a series of patterns attached to the related pages.


We have several types of photographic and press printed paper that enhance your professional images and are perfect for specific shoots according to their characteristics. The last few pages of the Creative Guide are dedicated to the presentation of the different types of paper available for the block. This allows you to check the paper weight and the way each one reflects colors and light.


A range of studio samples is key to present the products to your clients. For this reason we decided to invest in your business by offering you 50% discount on samples.  This offer is valid for all main products (Wedding Albums, Event Albums, Event Books, Compat Books, Frames) of any size and paper option and includes any additional accessory.

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We provide you with the Universal Sample Album, a 50-page Wedding Sample Album that collects the best shoots of our Ambassadors: Flavio Bandiera, David Beckstead, Bambi Cantrell, Michael Corsentino and Sam Sciarrino. The cover, discounted by 50%, can be customized according to personal taste; the album is delivered in a standard Wedding Box and the block is available in different sizes (20x30 20x27 25x25 27x20 24x36 24x32 30x30 32x24 30x45 30x40 35x35 40x30 35x45 40x40 50x20). / (8x12, 8x11, 10x10, 11x8, 9x13, 9x14, 12x12, 13x9, 12x16, x12x18, 14x14, 16x12, 14x18, 16x16, 20x8).

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The cover kit is the right product for those of you who wish to expand their sample range proposed in their studio. It can come in any cover style and size. The block is made of Styrofoam and the 50% discount on the cover price considerably reduces your investment thus allowing you to display a wide range of covers.

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