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This section is dedicated to the tools that Album Epoca puts at your disposal to help you solve problems you might encounter.

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Software, plug-in, color profile

Epoca Software allows to easily design and personalize Album Epoca’s products. Epoca Software and its updates are free. Its ease of use and its efficiency render this software an essential tool for the design of Album Epoca’s photographic albums, coffee table books, Compat books and Frames.

Non compatible with the operating system Mac OS Sierra

AE Studio plug-in for Photoshop® is a useful and innovative tool to create custom page layouts, stylish and modern. AE Studio is a product designed for the professional photographer who wants to use Photoshop and, at the same time, optimize his own workflow.


This plug-in allows all users of Lightroom to export directly your own images in order to generate orders for Album Epoca Full service design and facilitate your work.


If you use InDesign software you can download the presets which correspond to the printing dimensions of our products. Remember to export files in JPG and to save them in an increasing order.


Once they are installed, the different ICC color profiles allow you to set a video preview of the color gamut and tones that will be reproduced during printing on the various paper types we use in our lab. You may download a color profile folder directly on your computer by clicking on ‘download color profile’. In it you will find a table that will help you identify the color profile you need according to the product you wish to order.

Please note: color matching between the video preview and the print depends on your screen settings and on the available light you work in.

Templates, guides and crop areas

If you chose a cover with photo, you can download here the PDF reference to know the exact measures to use for composing your image.
IMPORTANT: please SAVE the file on your desktop and OPEN IT AGAIN to be able to check the size

For covers "A" (Atlanta, Bordeaux, Charlotte, Chicago, Lyon, Malaga, Marseille, Miami,Orleans, Seattle, Toulouse, Soho) open the jpg in photoshop  and view rulers. For covers "B" (all other covers) save the PDF file and open it with Adobe Reader.


An interactive PDF with all the exact cover photo sizes for coffee table books, compat book and mini book. 
IMPORTANT: please SAVE the PDF file on your desktop and OPEN IT AGAIN with Adobe Reader to be able to check the size


Our templates have 254 DPI resolution, which is optimal for our photographic printers; the included crop tolerance areas, made by guides, represent the maximum crop.


In this document you will find a guide to learn the correct placement method of your photos close to the page margin.

Prepare the files for your Matted Prints

Download the templates and open them in Photoshop. Place the picture within the trim lines, remembering to cover the whole white surface. The part of the photo outside the lines will not be visible as it is covered by the mat. Once you have done this, merge the layers and save in JPG renaming the files as you wish.


Download the free version selecting the link for your operating system. This way our expert technicians will be able to do a remote assistance by connecting with your computer:


Every time you find that your Internet surfing is slowing down, either while loading a page or uploading a file, we suggest you check if the problem is due to your broadband connection.
In most cases slowness issues are linked to the way your communication service provider manages call traffic (i.e. Telecom, Vodafone, Tiscali, etc.) rather than to the traffic on our servers. You may check this by doing a simple speed test at the following link: www.speedtest.net.

The data that will appear will determine the efficiency of your speed based on PING (the amount of milliseconds it takes a packet of information to reach another server ), on DOWNLOAD SPEED( amount of MegaBit received per second) and on UPLOAD SPEED (amount of MegaBit transferred per second). The third data is the most important when uploading an order via Internet.

Generally speaking, a good 7 MegaBit ADSL connection should present on average the following data:
PING ( around 80 ms) – DOWNLOAD (around 6 Mbps) – PLOAD (around 1 Mbps)
If the data corresponding to your broadband are consistently different from the above please contact your provider to understand if it is possible to receive an improved service.